TBEI Schools Committee

The goal of the Schools Committee is to improve TB screening and TB prevention outreach at San Diego County schools to prevent the risk of TB transmission on school campuses.


Schools Committee Members


Suzanne Khambata, FNP, Mesa College
Sonia Lira, San Diego County Office of Education



Members of the Schools Committee includes nurses, medical directors, and other administrators representing the County Board of Education, K-12 schools, and higher education institutions in San Diego County.


Schools Committee Roles

Strategic Priorities

As TB Prevention Champions, Schools Committee Members:

  • Encourage adoption of TB prevention strategies.
  • Encourage student health LTBI care cascade practices and EMR updates.
  • Encourage offering student resources for TB screening at schools that do not currently mandate it.
  • Encourage opportunities to leverage COVID-19 and flu vaccine outreach paired with TB screening at educational sites.
  • Share and encourage TB peer health educator programs.


Schools Committee Roles

TB Peer Educator Project

The TB Peer Educator Project is a project-based-learning curriculum for high school students to promote TB awareness among their peers. The main components include:

  • Increasing knowledge of tuberculosis.
  • Understanding the difference between infection & disease.
  • Identifying at least three challenges in promoting TB prevention to young adults.
  • Recognizing elements of public health services and career opportunities.
  • Finalizing a TB prevention product to present to community stakeholders.

For more information, please contact the TBEI Program Coordinator.

TB Prevention Strategies and Resources for Schools

  1. TB Screening Guidelines and Materials for Schools.
  2. Student Health - LTBI care cascade and EHR Updates.
  3. Resources for TB Risk Assessment and Linkage to Care for Students:
  4. TB Peer Educator Project.
  5. TB education and testing can be offered at health fairs and paired with flu and COVID-19 vaccination events.




For more information, call 619-692-5565 or send us an email.