Contract Administration and Oversight

HHSA's Agency Contract Support (ACS) is part of the Health and Human Services Agency management controls.  We ensure that contracted services are managed, monitored, delivered and paid appropriately. ACS facilitates contract administration across HHSA, as well as between County departments responsible for County contracting policies and procedures.

HHSA Contractor Required Insurance Monitoring

ACS has retained a contractor to monitor and validate insurance coverage requirements contained in HHSA contracts. HHSA contractors will be contacted directly for insurance documents and ACS will be notified of any deficiencies or additional documentation required.

REQUIRED: Additional Insured Endorsement with each Certificate of Insurance (COI)

An Additional Insured Endorsement is required with all Certificates (for General Liability) and they must include the following Language applying coverage to: "The County of San Diego, the members of the Board of Supervisors of the County and the officers, agents, employees and volunteers of the County, individually and collectively".

Contractor Fiscal Audits

The Contracts Audit Unit is responsible for conducting financial and compliance audits of HHSA contractors. The audits focus on the organization internal controls, accounting system, cost allocation plans, indirect rates, allowable contract expenses and compliance with federal cost principles and OMB Circulars. A risk assessment is performed annually to determine which contractors will be included on the ACS audit plan. The risk assessment considers contract portfolio value, funding source, fiscal solvency, Single Audits filer, and prior issues. The audits may be conducted at the contractor’s site or as a desk review.

The Contracts Audit Unit also has the responsibility for the centralized collection and review of all HHSA contractor’s independent financial statement audits and Single Audits. Contractors should submit their annual audits to Agency Contract Support each fiscal year as required by the contract. The Contracts Audit Unit also performs and presents financial evaluations of potential contractors during the procurement process.

Special Reviews

ACS conducts Special Reviews to minimize exposure for the County and its citizens by ensuring the timely, accurate, objective and consistent investigation of complaints and allegations made against HHSA contractors.

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