Community Action Partnership


Every two years Community Action Partnership (CAP) develops a service plan (CAP Plan) that ties back to local community needs assessments and highlights both the needs/priorities of San Diego’s economically disadvantaged communities, as well as what services CAP proposes to address them. 

CAP Plans are required as part of receiving Community Service Block Grant (CSBG) funding.  Although the format of the CAP Plan is standard, the process for conducting the community needs assessment, as well as the findings from that process, are locally driven.  Therefore, while the CAP Plan is intended for the County’s use in planning for CSBG funding purposes, the information in the document may be useful for other local providers working in economically disadvantaged communities.

To receive more information or a copy of the 2024-2025 Community Action Plan, please call 619-338-2799.


Current 2024-25 Community Action Plan:   2024-25 Community Action Plan

Links to CAP Plans:  Click the links below to access the past CAP Plans for San Diego County:

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