Cal-Learn Program Requirements

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Pregnant/parenting teens who are receiving CalWORKs and living with their minor child(ren) are required to participate in Cal-Learn  if:

  1. They are under the age of 19; and
  2. They have not graduated from high school or its equivalent.

Bonuses and sanctions encourage school attendance and good grades:

  • Up to four $100 bonuses/sanctions per year may be earned/applied based on school progress
  • A one-time $500 bonus is offered for graduation or its equivalent (GED or CHSPE)

Effective January 1, 1998, an otherwise eligible teen who is 19 years of age may continue to participate in the Cal-Learn Program on a voluntary basis until he/she earns a high school diploma or its equivalent or turns 20 years.


For more information call 1-866-262-9881.