Child Care Services

Parents who are receiving CalWORKs cash aid or who have received cash aid within the past two years are eligible for subsidized child care through a voucher program.


  • Current CalWORKs participants should contact their CalWORKs employment services worker or if you are in Welfare-to-Work now, you can talk to your Welfare-to-Work case manager.
  • Families that have been discontinued from CalWORKs cash aid within the past two years may contact any one of the two Alternative Payment Programs for immediate child care assistance.


    Child Development Associates (CDA) 619-427-4411 ext. 1400

    YMCA Childcare Resource Service 619-521-3055 ext. 1565


If you are not currently receiving CalWORKs or have not received CalWORKs within the past two years, there are also some state-funded programs for low-income workers. To sign up on an eligibility list, visit the Centralized Eligibility List or call 800-521-0560.

·         For child care resources and referrals: YMCA Childcare Resource Service or 800-481-2151

·         To become a family child care provider: Family Child Care Home Licensing or 619-767-2200

·         To Inquire or complain about a provider: Community Care Licensing or 619-767-2200


For more information call Access toll-free at 866-262-9881.