Expanded Subsidized Employment

Subsidized Employment in San Diego County is a two-tier program that includes expanded work experience and subsidized employment opportunities for eligible participants.  These short-term opportunities may lead to future long-term unsubsidized employment and self-sufficiency.


CalWORKs recipients who are participating in Employment Services may participate in the Expanded Work Experience and Expanded Subsidized Employment programs.   

The Employment Case Manager and Expanded Subsidized Employment provider will evaluate participants’ job readiness, experience, and job skills to determine proper placement for expanded work experience or subsidized employment.

How to Apply

The Employment Case Manager will refer potential candidates to the Expanded Work Experience or Expanded Subsidized Employment programs.


The Expanded Work Experience program provides opportunities for participants to:

  • Receive earnings while participating in on-the-job training
  • Obtain job skills and valuable experience in a work place

The Expanded Subsidized Employment program provides opportunities for participants to:

  • Receive assistance with interview preparation and resume tailoring for each employment interview
  • Be matched with an appropriate employer based on their experience and job skills