Family Stabilization Program


The Family Stabilization program is a new component of CalWORKs that provides temporary services to families who are homeless, or at risk to becoming homeless, or experiencing transportation or other emergencies impairing participation in Employment Services (ES) activities and employment.



The following individuals may apply to Family Stabilization services;

  • CalWORKs recipients who are  participating in the (ES) program as mandatory or volunteer participants
  • Non-aided individuals who are curing ES noncompliance or sanction
  • Non-aided parents who signed a Family Reunification plan with Children’s Welfare Services  

The Employment Case Manager will evaluate needs and authorize the appropriate FS services to eligible participants.


How to Apply

Family Stabilization services may be requested at any time by contacting:

  • Employment Case Manager
  • Eligibility staff at any of the Family Resource Centers
  • CalWORKs Coordinator (for students at a local community college)
  • Access call center at #1-866-262-9881
  • #211 (phone-based information and referral service)



Based on available funds, the following are Family Stabilization services that San Diego County may provide:

  • Homelessness Prevention Services (temporary/permanent housing and/or utility assistance)
  • Transportation Emergency Assistance (essential vehicle repair)
  • Family Stabilization Referral Services (initial assessment and referral to counseling services and community resources)