Welfare to Work Eligibility

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Participation in the Welfare-to-Work (WTW) Program is required for all employable CalWORKs recipients. The goal is to assist parents to obtain employment through job readiness and job search activities and other employment-directed activities. Supportive services, such as childcare, transportation payments and/or work related expenses, are available to those who participate in WTW.

In a single parent household, the parent with a child under the age of six must complete an average of 20 hours per week in WTW activities. If there are no children under the age of six, the single parent must complete an average of 30 hours per week in work activities. In a two-parent household, parents must complete an average of 35 hours per week in WTW activities. Participation hours may include employment, education, training and other approved WTW activities leading to self-sufficiency and designed to eliminate barriers to employment.

Effective January 2013, the State of California has implemented the WTW 24-Month Time Clock (WTW 24-MTC) for individuals required to participate in the WTW Program. The WTW 24-MTC consists of 24 months of WTW services that can be used at any time during the participant's 48 months of time on aid (TOA).  During the WTW 24-MTC period, participants may choose educational and/or work related activities to meet their participation requirements without having to meet core hour requirements.

After exhausting the WTW 24-Month Time Clock, non-exempt CalWORKs recipients must meet federal participation and core hour requirements to receive cash aid which, otherwise, will be issued only to the eligible children in the Assistance Unit (AU).

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