CMS Brochures and Handbooks

CMS Brochures

Provides basic County Medical Services application information.

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CMS Handbooks

The following handbooks provide information about CMS.

  • Patient Handbook - Provides County Medical Services (CMS) information on how to receive medical services for CMS patients.
  • Patient Handbook (Spanish) - Proporciona información sobre County Medical Services de como recibir servicios de salud para miembros de CMS.
  • Provider Handbook - Provides County Medical Services (CMS) Program information for Providers.
  • Physician Emergency Services Fund Handbook - Information on the distribution of the Maddy Emergency Medical Services Funds, CHIP-Emergency Medical Services Appropriation (EMSA) funds and CHIP-Physician (PES) funds.
  • Specialty Referral Guidelines - Provides guidelines for referrals and authorization criteria for referring CMS patients for specialty services.