About Public Safety Group


The Public Safety Group (PSG) provides leadership throughout the region in public safety services, criminal justice administration, emergency preparedness and response, child support, and public accountability. Partnering with the community and stakeholders, the Group Office works to improve violence prevention and intervention and to reduce justice system involvement and recidivism. The PSG departments operate both independently and collaboratively to support the region by ensuring a fair and equitable justice system in the investigation, defense and prosecution of crimes and through services for victims, housing adult offenders and youth in county facilities, and supervising and supporting clients in the community. PSG departments also provide programs and services promoting opportunities for youth and young adults. In the unincorporated area, PSG also provides fire protection and emergency medical services and services to protect animals.

Mission Statement: To support the public safety and well‐being of all by providing equitable, sustainable, and community‐orientated services.

Vision Statement: A county where residents are safe and protected and have confidence in the criminal justice system. Individuals are held accountable, victims of crime are supported, and disproportionality and disparities are eliminated. Proven strategies are implemented to prevent criminal justice system involvement and recidivism. Communities are able to prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural disasters and other emergencies.