Become a Volunteer Reserve Firefighter!


The San Diego County Fire Authority (SDCFA) relies on volunteer reserve firefighters to assist with emergency medical services and firefighting throughout the unincorporated areas of San Diego County.

Newly hired Volunteer Reserve Firefighters will be assigned to one of the following modules:

1. Northern Division: North Module
2. Central Division: Central East Module

A Volunteer Reserve Firefighter performs a variety of volunteer functions including running emergency medical service calls, fighting fires, participating in training, maintaining a clean and safe environment at the station, and other duties as assigned.

The ideal candidate will possess the following desirable traits: communicates and listens effectively, customer-focused, values and respects colleagues and superiors, teamwork and collaboration, demonstrates ethical behavior, and supportive of change.  

To obtain a complete description of the job of Volunteer Reserve Firefighter, click here.

Individuals interested in the Volunteer Reserve Firefighter position must currently meet all specified requirements by the time of application. If you will be unable to meet the requirements by the application deadline, you should NOT complete the application at this time. Instead, you are encouraged to continue working toward fulfilling the requirements. When you are ready to join the program, please submit an application.

Applications will be accepted during the designated application cycles. Please be aware of the associated Orientation dates for each Application Submission.

Application Cycles


*PLEASE NOTE: The 2017-4 and 2017-5 Application Cycles have been combined to attend the SDCFA Orientation of 12/05/2017, as well as the Training Orientation scheduled for 01/09 through 01/11/2018.

ALL SDCFA notifications will be sent via EMAIL. You will need to monitor the email account you provide on the application on a regular basis for any communication related to the status of your inquiry. It is your responsibility to ensure the email address provided is accurate and allows emails from AND


Contact our team at (858)-974-5999 or submit an inquiry form.