San Diego County Capital Asset Leasing Corporation

The San Diego County Capital Asset Leasing Corporation (SANCAL) was established in June of 1984 under the provisions of Section 5226 California Nonprofit Public Corporation Law. The purpose of SANCAL is to provide a means for the County of San Diego to issue low-cost debt instruments to fund the procurement of capital facilities and equipment.

Board of Supervisors policy A-104 lists the role and function of SANCAL.

The time of the meeting dates will be 1:30pm to 3:00pm

2023 SANCAL Meeting Schedule

2023 Meetings

September 19, 2023, Room 402A Cancelled
August 3, 2023, Room 402A Cancelled
July 18, 2023, Room 402A Cancelled
June 20, 2023, Room 402A Cancelled
May 16, 2023, Room 402A Agenda
April 18, 2023, Room 402A Cancelled
March 21, 2023, Room 402A Cancelled
Febrary 21, 2023, Room 402A Cancelled
January 17, 2023, Room 402A Agenda

2022 Meetings

December 20, 2022, Room 402A Cancelled
November 15, 2022, Room 402A Agenda
October 18, 2022, Room 402A Cancelled
September 20, 2022, Room 402A Cancelled
August 16, 2022, Room 402A Cancelled
July 19, 2022, Room 402A Cancelled
June 21, 2022, Room 402A Agenda
May 17, 2022, Virtual Meeting Cancelled
April 19, 2022, Virtual Meeting Cancelled
March 15, 2022, Virtual Meeting Cancelled
February 15, 2022, Virtual Meeting Agenda
January 18, 2022, Virtual Meeting Cancelled

Michel Anderson - Chair
SANCAL Board Member since 1986

Mr. Anderson is a business and land use consultant specializing in governmental relations, project management, development processing and public affairs.


Jeff Kane - Vice-Chairman
SANCAL Board Member since 2001

Mr. Kane serves as the President of Continental Pacific, a firm specializing in commercial real estate


John Todd - Secretary
SANCAL Board Member since 2011

Mr. Todd is involved with a number of public service commissions and community organizations based in Oceanside. Mr. Todd retired as a Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps after 34 years of service.


Roy (Rob) Castetter - Director
SANCAL Board Member since 2018

Mr. Castetter served as Chief Investment Officer for the County of San Diego for 31 years and Cash Manager for Cubic Corporation for five years. During his tenure with the County, Mr. Castetter managed the County Pooled Money Fund of over $11.0B in assets and short and long term debt issuance for County of San Diego and San Diego School Districts. Mr. Castetter also provided portfolio management and political counsel to the County Treasurer in the Treasurer’s role as a Board Member of the San Diego Employee Retirement System.


Shirley Nakawatase - Treasurer
SANCAL Board Member since 2018

Ms. Nakawatase is a Certified Public Accountant, consultant and trainer for Nakawatase & Kaminsky, CPAs. Ms. Nakawatase is the President of the Mar Vista Alumni Association, Vice Chair of the San Diego Imperial County Regional Center and Lt. Governor and Trainer for Kiwanis CalNevHA. Her background is in taxes and education as well as public accounting.

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