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Cool Zones

Thank you for your interest in the Cool Zone Program.  Unfortunately, we are not currently in the program season (June 1 - October 31).

To locate a county library nearest you, go to the San Diego County Library website.  

The Cool Zone program is an established network of free, air-conditioned settings (such as libraries or community centers) across San Diego County that allow respite for older adults, persons with disabilities, or anyone looking to escape the extreme heat during the summer. Cool Zones are a way for residents to lower individual utility usage and help conserve energy for the whole community.

The Cool Zone program was launched out of concern for seniors, persons with disabilities, and those with health concerns that could be complicated by the effects of heat.

In partnership with San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), the Cool Zone program is managed by the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency.


Cool Zone Fan Program

Fan Image_Cool Zones

While we are not currently in the Cool Zone season, the County of San Diego, in partnership with SDG&E, still provides free electric fans to those who are 60 years of age and older, or disabled, living on limited incomes.

To apply for a free electric fan please complete the eligibility survey or call 2-1-1 San Diego for a representative to complete the form on your behalf. 

To be eligible, you must meet all requirements below:

  • Not have access to an air-conditioned space at their home or apartment building.
  • Unable to travel to a Cool Zone site.
  • Not already own a working fan per household.
  • Not have received a fan from the Cool Zone program in the past 2 years (2021 and 2022).
  • 60 years of age or older or disabled.
  • Household income less than or equal to the following income guidelines:
# of individuals in Household

Total Annual Household

Income less than or, equal to:

1-2 $39,440
3 $49,720
4 $60,000
5 $70,280
6 $80,560
7 $90,840
8 $101,120
Each additional person +$10,280

Please be advised it is not recommended to rely on electric fans for cooling if temperatures exceed 90 degrees.

For more information about Cool Zones, send us an email