San Diego County is the second most populous of California's 58 counties, and the fifth largest county in the United States. San Diego is currently home to 3.1 million residents, and is anticipated to grow to four million by 2020.

The County is already ethnically diverse, and will be increasingly so. Of residents under 18, 37% are Hispanic, and the Hispanic population is expected to continue to grow at a rapid rate. Approximately 21.5% of the county's population is immigrants, including refugees, who come from other countries, speak 68 different languages, and have a variety of needs as they assimilate into their new environment. The senior and disabled populations are growing disproportionately compared to the rest of the population.

Agency Demographics: Our Customers

Our customers include all San Diego County residents, from the most economically challenged to the wealthiest individuals, from farmers and ranchers to urban city dwellers and suburban families. They are all served through our efforts to educate and provide prevention and other services to help everyone lead safe, healthy, and productive lives. The Agency seeks to promote a better quality of life for all residents, with the added value of reducing health and social service costs to local taxpayers.

We serve the general public through disease surveillance, public education, and disaster and bioterrorism preparedness. In addition to the general populous, we have clients who receive direct services from our programs: indigent or low-income clients who receive health and behavioral healthcare services; seniors who need supports to enable them to maintain their independence; children and seniors who require protective services because they have been abused or neglected; and welfare recipients who access cash assistance and employment services. There is no individual living in San Diego County that does not benefit in some way from the services and programs offered by the Health and Human Services Agency.


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