Projects, Revenue and Grants Accounting

County Operations Center
5530 Overland Ave, Fourth Floor
San Diego, CA, 92123
MailStop: O-53

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am to 5:00pm (pst)
Office Phone: (858) 694-2013

Manager: Babette Baltazar

Mission Statement:

To provide Countywide central accounting support that maintains fiscal stability while ensuring overall accountability of public funds, entrusted to the Auditor and Controller, in accordance with Federal requirements, State mandates, Board policy and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP); to provide policies, procedures and support for Rates and Fees development, A87 Cost Allocation and management of IT cost collection and billing; and to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and responsiveness to County departments and our external customers and agencies.


  1. Provide excellence in management and financial reporting to State offices and other public regulatory agencies.
  2. Key Performance Indicators:
    1. Prepare and submit the Countywide Cost Allocation Plan to the State Controller’s Office by December 21st.
    2. Document the determination of the Prop 4 Appropriation Limit within 10 days of ORACLE closing (and 15 days prior to the Board Letter adopting same), in accordance with California government regulations.
    3. Detail and summarize allocations from the county’s COPS revenues, and file with the County Board of Supervisors, SLEOC committee, County Sheriff, and State Controller’s Office by October 15th.
  3. Provide cost effective and efficient billing of IT resources
  4. Key Performance Indicators:
    1. Bill IT resources, via ORACLE MTB-T process, within 15 days of receipt of Northrop Grumman’s monthly data feed into the IT Chargeback System.
  5. Ensure timely distribution of all public funds received in trust for County departments
  6. Key Performance Indicators:
    1. Process SB-90 revenue/reimbursement distributions to County Departments for various State mandated programs within 3 days of deposit into County General Fund.

P&G's A-87 Indirect Rate Approval Process:

  1. Review of departments' Indirect Cost Rate Proposals
  2. Prepare County-wide Cost Plan based on Federal Office of Management and Budget's Circular A-87 (click to view document)
  3. Bill A&C support costs allocated in Cost Plan
  4. For more information contact PRG at 619-531-5346



DISCLAIMER: The following information is provided to you as a matter of convenience and speaks as of the end of the last period to which they relate. There may have been changes in the financial condition or affairs of the County of San Diego since then, the County of San Diego has not undertaken to update the financial statements, or such other documents.


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