General Management System​​ Reimagined

The County has reimagined its operational approach to planning and decision making by integrating the General Management System (GMS) with the strategic framework adopted by the Board of Supervisors. It takes the GMS in a direction that is reflective of today’s communities while preserving the core management principles of strategic planning, operational accountability, enterprise-wide collaboration, and employee connection. At the core of the reimagined GMS is Community Engagement, based on the principle that all that we do should be for, and created in partnership with, the people we serve. The outer ring is included to reflect the core values of everything we do: integrity, equity, access, belonging, excellence and sustainability.

Additional Resources: County Strategic Plan | County Operational Plan



A just, sustainable, and resilient future for all.


Strengthen our communities with innovative, inclusive, and data-driven services through a skilled and supported workforce.



In recognition that “The noblest motive is the public good,” we are dedicated to:


Earn the public’s trust through honest and fair behavior, exhibiting the courage to do the right thing for the right reason, and dedicating ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct.


Foster a sense of belonging, not just inclusion, for the people we serve and for the employees of the County who provide those services on a daily basis.


Apply an equity lens to appropriately design programs and services so that underserved communities have equitable opportunities. Using data driven metrics, lived experiences and the voices of our community we weave equity through all policies and programs.


Ensure exceptional service delivery to our customers by practicing fiscal prudence, encouraging innovation and leveraging best practices that promote continuous improvement to build strong, vibrant communities.


Build trust with the residents we serve through transparent communication and neighborhood engagement that is accessible in the languages, facilities and methods that meet their needs.


Secure the future of our region, by placing sustainability at the forefront of our operations deeply embedded into our culture. Dedicate ourselves to meeting our residents’ current resource needs without compromising our ability to meet the needs of generations to come.