About PCC Advisory Board

Membership Composition

The PCC Advisory Board shall consist of five members, all of whom shall be residents of the County of San Diego.

Nomination and Appointment:

The PCC Advisory Board shall consist of two members appointed by the County Board of Supervisors (candidates to be selected by the Board of Supervisors Polinsky Center subcommittee), two members appointed by Promises2Kids, and one member appointed by the Presiding Judge of the Juvenile Court of San Diego County.

Advisory Board Members shall not be on the County payroll, receive any direct compensation from the County, or have any conflict of interest. “Direct compensation from the County” shall not include retirement income received from the San Diego County Employees Retirement Association.

Members appointed by Promises2Kids may, but are not required to be active members of the Promises2Kids Board of Directors.

Membership Roster

Jessica Heldman

Chair, PCC Advisory Board (BOS District 4)


Vice-Chair,PCC Advisory Board (Juvenile Court Services)

Pamela Hunt

PCC Advisory Board (Promise2Kids) 

Arianne Condrick Bettazzi

PCC Advisory Board (Promises2Kids)


PCC Advisory Board (BOS District 1)

Geri Sander

PCC Advisory Board (BOS PCC Subcommittee)



Any member whose term has expired hereunder shall continue to discharge the duties as a member until a successor has been appointed. The term of each member shall be for a period of two (2) years. The members shall serve staggered terms. Any individual may serve no more than two consecutive terms on the PCC Advisory Board.

The members of the PCC Advisory Board shall serve at the will of the respective appointing entity, and Promises2Kids and County shall each have the power to remove any member appointed by it with or without cause.

Vacancies on the PCC Advisory Board shall be filled by appointment of the entity which appointed the member previously holding the vacant position.


Make recommendations regarding the operation and maintenance of the PCC facility.

Review and consult with County staff regarding the annual Business Plan for the PCC.

Make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors, or designee, regarding the expenditure of funds donated by Promises2Kids or other donors/sources for maintenance and operation items not funded by the County.

Make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors, or designee, regarding any material alteration or removal of any part of PCC.


Members shall not be entitled to any compensation or reimbursement of expenses.

Meeting Date and Location

PCC Pavilion
9400-B Ruffin Court
San Diego, CA 92123
Regular meetings shall be held at least quarterly

Contact Person

Deseree Campos-Darby

Polinsky Children’s Center (PCC)

9400 Ruffin Court

San Diego, CA 92123

(858) 874-1151

Email: deseree.campos-darby2@sdcounty.ca.gov




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