Oral Health

The Oral Health Program partners with other County of San Diego departments and community partners to achieve our mission to support the oral health of people of San Diego County throughout their lifespans.

The 2017-2025 Oral Health Strategic Plan has two goals:

  • Reduce the incidence of oral disease among children of San Diego County
  • Reduce the incidence of oral disease among adults of San Diego County

These two goals will be achieved through a variety of activities:

  • Enhance existing state and local programs that provide oral health assessments and dentist visits for children
  • Promote educational programs to include Oral Health
  • Increase prevention in non-traditional settings such as schools and senior centers
  • Expand educational programs for primary care providers

Medical Care Services (MCS) committed to focusing on Oral Health Literacy, Equity/Diversity and Medical/Dental Integration.

In California:


Nearly 1 in 2 kindergarten children and 70% of 3rd grades have a history of tooth decay


Fewer than 1 in 2 pregnant women in California are receiving dental care during their pregnancies  


70% of adults age 65 and older, had some form of periodontal diseases


California children miss 874,000 days of school each year due to dental problems.

Find a Dentist


Visit smilecalifornia.org or call (800) 322-6384 to learn about Medi-Cal Dental benefits and to locate a dental provider.

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