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The County Office of Border Health was established in February 1993 with the goal of facilitating communication and collaboration among local, state, and federal organizations working in the United States (U.S.)-Mexico border region. Local and cross-border health activities include coordinating binational meetings among public health officials and practitioners, organizing binational symposiums on a variety of shared health topics, facilitating communication around communicable disease control and prevention, and preparing for public health emergencies and threats.


To promote a healthy California-Baja California border region by working together with partners to address the needs of our shared community. This is achieved through streamlined communication, education, sharing resources, and partnering with one another to prevent disease, empower our communities, and assist in responding to health threats and disasters.


While there is no mandate for Border Health activities, the work by the Office of Border Health supports California Codes of Regulation, Title 17, and assists with cross border communication to contain and mitigate common communicable diseases.

Internal Activities

  • Serve as a central point of contact for border health information.
  • Coordinate activities of the Border Health Consortium of the Californias (for more information see below under “Community Engagement”).
  • Build partnerships with community agencies to improve access to life-saving information during public health emergencies and disasters (for more information see below under “Community Engagement”).
  • Coordinate HHSA Border Quarterly Health Update meetings
  • Coordinate annual Public Health Services, Centers for Disease Control and U.S. Customs and Border Protection meetings.
  • Facilitate intergovernmental quarterly Queso Fresco task force meetings.
  • Coordinate biannual meetings with local universities and colleges.
  • Plan and implement the annual County Blood Drive.
  • Coordinate visits from international colleagues (e.g. through the San Diego Diplomacy Council)
  • Support the development of binational strategic plans.
  • Coordinate binational meetings, events and conferences related to a variety of health topics, such as Tuberculosis, Obesity, HIV, and Emergency Preparedness.

Community engagement:

  • Serve as a central point of contact for border health information. If you are interested in learning more about our office or would like us to present to your organization, please contact Izzybeth Rodriguez at 
  • The Office of Border Health facilitates meetings and activities of the Border Health Consortium of the Californias in partnership with the California Department of Health, Office of Binational Border Health.
  • In an effort to improve communication with various communities during public health emergencies or natural disasters, the Office of Border Health, in collaboration with the Office of Emergency Services, partners with trusted community based organizations to create a network of agencies that can translate critical information into various languages and share with communities. If you would like to join this effort or learn more about the project, please contact Victor Ruiz at


Border Health Resources

Contact Information

Alicia Espinoza, M.P.H. 
Chief, Office of Border Health
Health and Human Services Agency


Izzybeth Rodriguez, M.P.H
Community Health Program Specialist
Health and Human Services Agency

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