Every year, the PHS Customer Service H.E.A.R.T. Team comes up with a new action plan to ensure we are continuously improving the services our clients receive. In addition, the Team seeks input from clients, internal (staff) and external (patients, clients, partners, contractors and stakeholders) so we can further enhance our services. If you liked your Customer Service Experience and want to recognize a staff member who went “above and beyond” to serve you with HEART, or have feedback that will help us improve our services for next time, please let us know by completing the online survey.

You are invited to take a moment to provide us with your feedback in the comment box below. All comments will be reviewed by the Customer Service H.E.A.R.T. Team Ambassador and shared with the branch representative for Customer Service and/or the Branch Chief. If you would like to be contacted for a follow up to see how your concerns were addressed, please provide your name, email address, and telephone number in the comment box below.