Office of Strategy and Innovation

The Office of Strategy and Innovation (OSI) uses strategic planning, effective communication, legislative and policy analysis, progress evaluation and innovation management to support informed decision making to advance the Live Well San Diego vision of Healthy, Safe and Thriving communities.

Services offered by Office of Strategy & Innovation:

Live Well San Diego Support Team

The Live Well San Diego Support Team works to advance the Live Well San Diego initiative by equipping County staff, contractors, volunteers, community partners and individuals with tools and resources to create healthy, safe and thriving communities locally in San Diego and beyond.

Live Well San Diego (County website)

Live Well San Diego Indicators

For more information, email or call 619-338-2895.

Office of Business Intelligence

The Office of Business Intelligence (OBI) provides decision makers timely information, concise risk analysis and predictive analytics to support Live Well San Diego. OBI drives effective decision making and identifies opportunities for service integration through the use of data reporting and business process analysis. OBI utilizes business intelligence tools such as integrated dashboards, data visualization, data mining, and predictive analytics to explain the past, optimize the present and predict the future.

For more information, email or call 619-515-6712.

HHSA Research Requests

Report Card

The San Diego County Child and Family Health and Well Being Report Card is a snapshot of the overall health and well-being of San Diego County's children and families. This document is a resource that can be used by policymakers, advocacy organizations, community members and service-providers for informed discussions about issues related to the children and families in our community. The Report Card is published every odd calendar year. 

Visit The Children's Initiative Website to learn more.