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About North Coastal and North Inland Regions Administration

Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) North Coastal and North Inland Administration is made up of members of the General Management Team (GMT).  GMT consists of managers who oversee Child Welfare Services, Family Resource Centers, and Public Health Centers in the North Coastal and Inland Regions.  In addition, GMT includes regional staff overseeing programs and activities in support of both internal operations and community partnerships.

North Coastal and North Inland Regions Vision

To work in partnership with our communities to continually ensure, improve and sustain healthier environments and safer neighborhoods in which everyone thrives and prospers.

North Coastal and North Inland Regions Mission

To make people's lives safer, healthier and self-sufficient by providing essential services.

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General Management Team


Jennifer Bransford-Koons

The North Coastal and North Inland Regions Director is responsible for directing the development and implementation of regional strategies, programs and activities in conjunction with the Agency Mission and Strategic Plan, and overall goals of the County.

Deputy Director

Mitsuru Ramirez

The Deputy Director assists the Regional Director with the operational management of all regional HHSA programs in the North Coastal and North Inland Regions.

Finance, Safety & Facilities

Steve Gardner, Rocio Loya, Kelly Bateson and Melissa Roberts

Finance, Safety & Facilities consists of one Principal Administrative Analyst (PAA), an Administrative Analyst III and three Administrative Analyst II. The team monitors the financial operations of the North Coastal and North Inland Regions of HHSA, develops and monitors budgets and external service contracts, as well as oversees contracting and payment for facilities, projects, and purchases, information technology work orders and procurement, and coordination of safety and disaster planning.

Human Resources (HR)

Jenny Solis

North Coastal and North Inland Regions Human Resources consists of a Human Resource Specialist, a Departmental Human Resource Officer (DHRO) and a Senior Departmental Human Resource Officer (SDHRO).  Responsibilities of the  Human Resources Team include coaching, counseling, mentoring and advising departmental managers and supervisors on a variety of personnel related issues. The Human Resources Team also have a dual role as Morale Officer for the North Coastal and North Inland Regions.

Community Health Promotion 

Kat Casabar Briggs, Stephanie Escobar, Martha Guzman, Erika Hernandez, Muquxi La, Brooke Lunquist and Sam Sonnich

The Community Health Promotion team consists of a Community Health Promotion Manager, five Community Health Promotion Specialists, and two Program Specialists, as well as graduate and undergraduate interns and volunteers. The team contributes to the development, implementation and evaluation of Live Well San Diego, the County’s vision for a healthy, safe and thriving region. Related priorities include HealthLink North County; Rural Health; Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention (NEOP) projects; Intergenerational activities; Resident Leadership Academies; behavioral health including the Up to Us program; Military and Veterans health and well-being, and other HHSA Programs. The Community Health Promotion Team also participates on Agency initiatives and community coalitions; is involved in strategic planning and implementation; engage in public relations and media development; and coordinate campaigns and special events. 

For more information on Community Health Promotion activities, please send us an email.

Strategy & Performance Improvement (SPI)

The Strategy and Performance Improvement team consists of a Health and Human Services Administrator III. The SPI team oversees strategic planning and performance improvement for the North Coastal and North Inland Regions, provides support to the General Management Team, and manages Deputy Director initiatives and special projects. 

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Child Welfare Services (CWS)

  • Wendy Curiel, North Coastal CWS Chief
  • Lillian Asoera, North Inland CWS Chief
  • Ian Baxter, North Coastal CWS Manager
  • Stacy Hollomon, North Inland CWS Manager
  • Marie Hommel, North Coastal/Inland CWS Manager

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Family Resource Centers (FRC)

  • Deanna Zotalis-Ferreira, Chief
  • Martha Castillo, North Coastal FRC Co-Manager
  • Ryan Clabo, North Coastal FRC Co-Manager
  • Vanessa Crawford, North Inland FRC Co-Manager
  • Matt Heffernan, North Inland FRC Co-Manager
  • Maria Torrico, North Inland FRC Co-Manager

     FRC Links

Public Health Centers (PHC)

  • Liza Macatula, North Coastal PHC Manager
  • Deborah McIntosh, North Inland PHC Manager

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HHSA Regional Contact Sheets

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