Beneficiary Designations

Designating your beneficiaries is important so that you can ensure the financial wellness of your loved ones in the event of your death. By having a current beneficiary on all your accounts, you leave no doubt as to what you wish to be done with your insurance benefits. You may designate one or more individuals, including a trust or your estate, as a beneficiary.

All full-time, regular employees have Life and AD&D insurance with MetLife. These plans should have a beneficiary designation on file.

Designations on file with MetLife apply to Basic Life, Basic AD&D, Supplemental Life, and Voluntary AD&D policies (if enrolled), as well as last paycheck and any leave balance payoff.

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You may also participate in one or more of the following programs, where beneficiaries should also be designated:

Remember, these plans are administered by different carriers, and each must be updated individually. A beneficiary change for one carrier will not update any others.


You can update or change your beneficiaries any time during the year.