Benefits Information for COBRA Participants

COBRA offers employees and their dependents who lose their health benefits the right to choose to continue their insurance at 102% of premium cost (full premium cost plus a 2% administrative fee) for up to 18 months. See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information.

If you retire or leave County employment, your status change will automatically transmit to our COBRA administrator (ASI COBRA) on our weekly file feed after your department inputs that change in PeopleSoft. You do not need to contact Employee Benefits. ASI COBRA will automatically create your COBRA forms, based on your current health insurance elections, and mail them directly to you. It can take 2 weeks to receive your COBRA forms in the mail after your department has entered your status change in PeopleSoft. Please check with your Department Human Resources Officer (DHRO) on the timing.

Your forms from ASI COBRA will include your unique user ID to register on their website and instructions for automatic monthly bank drafts. You must make your first payment to ASI COBRA by the due date listed on your forms to reinstate your coverage. Monthly premiums must be paid by the due date or coverage will be terminated.  Please consider setting up monthly bank drafts with ASI COBRA to ensure you don’t miss a due date.

COBRA Resources

Contact the COBRA Administrator

Reminder: If your department has not input your retirement or status change in PeopleSoft, ASI COBRA will not have your information yet.



Once federal COBRA ends (after 18 months), you may be eligible for 18 more months of medical coverage only, via Cal-COBRA. Your medical carrier has forms and rates.  Contact your medical carrier for information:

Kaiser Members call: 800-464-4000 (ask for Cal-COBRA representative)

UnitedHealthcare (UHC) Members call: 877-797-7475 (ask for Cal-COBRA representative)

  • Cal-COBRA medical coverage through UHC does not include the prescription coverage
  • For prescription coverage, you must also call VEBA at 888-276-0250 to sign up

SIMNSA Members call: 800-424-4652 or 619-407-4082 (ask for Cal-COBRA representative)

Cal-COBRA only applies to medical and prescription plans. There is no Cal-COBRA option for dental or vision plans.  Please contact your dental or vision carrier for individual coverage options.