Dental Plans

The County of San Diego offers two dental plans to choose from, both administered by Delta Dental.

Delta Dental PPO Plan

The Delta Dental PPO plan allows you to use any provider you want.

Dentists/Other  Dental Care Providers: You can choose any dentist you want.  However, you’ll pay less when you use a provider or facility that participates in the Delta Dental PPO network.  

If you access the Premier network and the dentist is not also in the PPO network, you’ll still benefit from receiving  the network charge and avoiding being balance billed.

Preventive Care: Preventive care is 100% covered when you use in-network providers.

Annual Deductible: You generally pay an annual deductible before the plan begins to pay for a portion of covered basic and major services. The deductible does not apply to preventive care.

Coinsurance: When you receive any other dental services, you pay a percentage of the cost of the service, and the plan pays the remaining percentage. This is called coinsurance. (You will need to pay the annual deductible first before coinsurance applies.)

Annual Maximum Benefit: The Delta Dental PPO plan includes an annual benefit maximum. This is the maximum amount the plan will pay for your dental services each year. Once you reach the annual benefit  maximum, you will  pay the full cost of any future dental services for that year.


DeltaCare USA DHMO Plan

The DHMO plan allows you to receive comprehensive coverage at set prices, called copays.

Dentists/Other  Dental Care Specialists: You can only  use dentists who participate in the DeltaCare USA DHMO network.  Dentists who participate in  the DeltaCare USA DHMO network  are called in-network dentists. There is no coverage if you go to out-of-network dentists.

Annual Deductible: You don’t need to pay an annual deductible before the plan begins to pay for a portion of covered dental services.

Copays: When you receive dental care, you pay a set dollar amount  called a copay.


Per Pay Period Cost





Employee        Employee               Employee          

    Only                Plus 1                   Plus 2 more


DeltaCare USA DHMO

Delta Dental PPO










Summary of Benefits and Coverage DHMO

Summary of Benefits and Coverage PPO

Delta Dental Plans Comparison Chart

Evidence of Coverage DHMO

Evidence of Coverage PPO


Contact the Provider

Delta Dental Website

Delta Dental PPO Phone Number: 877-688-3503

Delta Dental PPO Group Number: 17214

Delta DentalCare USA DHMO Phone Number: 844-697-0579

Delta DentalCare USA DHMO Group Number: 76990-0001

Designation of Primary Care Dentist

To designate your Primary Care Dentist (DHMO), please contact Delta Dental.

Delta DentalCare USA DHMO: 844-697-0579

If a Dentist or dental facility is not selected, one will be auto-assigned by Delta Dental.