Life Insurance

Life insurance, administered by MetLife, provides a financial benefit for your beneficiaries in the case of your death. The County of San Diego automatically provides you with a basic amount. You may choose to purchase additional coverage.

Basic Life Insurance

The County provides basic Life Insurance coverage for you at no cost to you. The amount depends on your job classification.

In addition, the County provides $2,000 of Life Insurance coverage for your:

•  Spouse

•  Registered domestic partner

•  Each dependent child, up to age 26.

Supplemental Life Insurance

You may choose to purchase additional Life Insurance coverage for yourself.  Coverage is available in amounts equal to one, two, or three times your annual salary, up to a maximum of $1 million of coverage without submitting a Medical History Statement.

The Medical History Statement  is “proof of good health” and certifies that you’re generally healthy at the time of purchasing coverage.

Your coverage will become effective only after the insurance company has approved your Medical History Statement if you increase coverage.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D)

AD&D  insurance, administered by MetLife, provides a financial benefit  for you or your beneficiaries in the case of your accidental death or covered injury. The County of San Diego automatically provides you with a basic amount. You may choose to purchase additional coverage for yourself and your eligible dependents.

The  County provides basic AD&D insurance for you at no cost to you. The amount of coverage is equal to your basic Life Insurance coverage, based on your job classification.

If an accident causes your death, your beneficiary will receive your basic and any supplemental Life and AD&D coverage amounts. If an accident causes you to lose one or more  limbs  or senses, you will receive all or part of your basic and supplemental AD&D coverage amount.  If a dependent dies while covered by the AD&D insurance plan, you are the beneficiary.

Supplemental AD&D Coverage

You may purchase supplemental AD&D coverage for yourself or for your eligible dependents.



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MetLife Life Insurance Phone Number: 800-638-6420

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MetLife AD&D Insurance Phone Number: 800-638-2242

MetLife AD&D Insurance Group Number: 158540