All County of San Diego employees are required to designate their life insurance beneficiaries in  MetLife’s Beneficiary Management System. For more information and instructions, please see the section below titled 'Beneficiary Designations'.

Basic Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

Life and AD&D insurance are administered by MetLife and provide a financial benefit for your beneficiary(ies) in the event of your death. The County of San Diego automatically provides you with Basic Life and Basic AD&D insurance with amounts based on your job classification.

  • If you pass away, your designated beneficiary(ies) may receive the life insurance benefit
  • If an accident causes your death, your beneficiary(ies) may receive the AD&D benefit, in addition to the life insurance benefit
  • If an accident causes you to lose one or more limbs or senses, you may receive all or part of your AD&D coverage amount

The County also automatically provides $2,000 of Dependent Life insurance coverage to all County employees for any eligible dependents. If an eligible dependent passes away, you are the beneficiary.

Supplemental Life and AD&D Insurance

You may choose to purchase additional life and/or AD&D coverage.

Supplemental Life insurance is available in amounts equal to 1-6 times your annual salary.

Guaranteed Issue Amount

  • If you enroll in Supplemental Life Insurance when you are first eligible as a new hire, you can purchase up to three times your annual salary without submitting a Statement of Health.

Statement of Health

  • If you enroll or increase Supplemental Life Insurance outside the initial eligibility period, you will need to complete a Statement of Health. MetLife will email you a request to log in to MyBenefits to complete an electronic Statement of Health. Final approval comes from MetLife and your coverage will become effective the 1st of the following month after approval. 

Supplemental AD&D insurance is available in amounts equal to 1-3 times your annual salary.

  • You may purchase supplemental AD&D coverage for yourself or for you and your family.

Beneficiary Designations

All County of San Diego employees are required to designate their life insurance beneficiaries in the MetLife MyBenefits system.

Remember: The beneficiary(ies) that you choose will receive all eligible life and AD&D financial benefits if you pass away, plus your last paycheck and any leave balance pay off. It is important to keep your beneficiary designation up to date. You can change your beneficiary(ies) any time during the year.

Click here for instructions for MetLife’s MyBenefits website

Need help registering on MetLife’s website for the first time or using the website? Call MetLife Online Support at 1-866-363-8669.

Unable to access the MetLife website? Call MetLife Record-Keeping at 866-492-6983 to designate your beneficiary over the phone.

Unable to designate your beneficiary online or by phone? Complete the MetLife Beneficiary Designation Form and follow the instructions on the form to submit it directly to MetLife.

Long-Term Disability (LTD) Insurance

You may be eligible for LTD insurance paid by the County of San Diego, depending on your job classification. Refer to your Benefit Summary to see if you are eligible for this plan and to view your waiting period and benefits.

  • This plan, offered through MetLife, pays LTD benefits monthly to replace a portion of your income until you are able to return to work.
  • Please visit the County’s MetLife website for more details about this benefit.
  • To start a claim, email your County of San Diego Employee Benefits division at

If you are not eligible for County-paid LTD, please refer to the Voluntary LTD plan offered by Lincoln.


  • MetLife Website
  • MetLife Life Insurance Claim Status: 800-638-6420 Option 2, Option 2.
  • MetLife Life Insurance Statement of Health Status: 800-638-6420, Option 1.
  • MetLife Online Support (for help registering online or using the website): 866-363-8669
  • MetLife Record Keeping (to designate or change your Beneficiary Designation): 866-492-6983
  • MetLife Disability Customer Response Center: 888-444-1433