Birth of a Child 

Timing and Documentation

Congratulations on your newest addition to your family! To qualify for a Life Event due to the birth of your child, you must provide documentation of the birth.

Submit the Following Documentation Within 60 days from the Date of Birth:

  • For initial enrollment, please provide a copy of the hospital’s record of birth - this will allow for continuous coverage and make sure you have no difficulties with your newborn appointments!
  • For continued enrollment, you are required to turn in a copy of the certified birth certificate and provide the newborn’s social security number, as soon as you have them.

Your new elections will be effective the first of the month after the newborn’s date of birth, as he or she is generally covered automatically for the first thirty-one days.

  • If there is a need to make coverage effective on the date of birth, please relay this information to Employee Benefits right away for a manual enrollment.

Making Changes

You must contact Employee Benefits directly. Submitting leave paperwork to your department will not result in changes to your health benefits, or the addition of your newborn to your coverage. It is important to speak with us directly so that we can coordinate the coverage changes needed for your family at this time.

If you are on a leave of absence, please complete the Benefit Enrollment Change Form and return with your record of birth documentation to Once received, an Employee Benefits representative will process your changes and send you a confirmation.

If you are actively at work, you can initiate a Qualifying Life Event and upload a copy of your record of birth document by logging into PeopleSoft Self Service and following this path:

Main Menu> Self Service > Benefits > Life Event > I had a baby

Once your documentation is uploaded, an Employee Benefits representative will open a Life Event and send you an email with instructions to make your elections. Receipt of your birth document will begin the Life Event process, but you must then log in to actively make your new elections after receiving email notification from Employee Benefits.

Consider Changing Your Tax Withholdings

Adding a child may affect the amount of taxes you pay. You may wish to consult a financial counselor to discuss your situation. If you decide to change your tax withholdings, you can do so via Employee Self Service.