Enroll Your Domestic Partner In Benefits

If you want to enroll your domestic partner:

  • Your domestic partner must be at least 18 years of age or older and mentally competent to consent to the domestic partnership.
  • You must share a close personal relationship and be responsible for each other’s common welfare.
  • You must be each other’s sole domestic partner.
  • You cannot be married to anyone or have another domestic partner within the prior six months.
  • You must not be related to each other by blood to a degree that would prohibit legal marriage in the State of California.
  • You must share the same regular and permanent residence with the current intent to continue doing so indefinitely.
  • You must be mutually financially responsible for each other’s “basic living expenses.”

You have 60-days from the date of your qualifying event to make changes to benefits outside of open enrollment. If you are submitting documents due to a qualifying event you must submit all forms and supporting documents within 60-days of the qualifying event date.

Employees should use employee self-service to submit your benefit change request. You will be required to upload your Registration of Domestic Partnership or Affidavit of Domestic Partnership before your qualifying life event is approved. The Benefits Division will notify you when you can go back to the eBenefits system to update your elections.

Consider changing your tax withholdings.

Qualifying events may affect the amount of taxes you pay. You may wish to consult a financial counselor to discuss your situation. If you decide to change your tax withholdings, you can do so via Employee Self Service.

Update your beneficiaries

You can change your beneficiaries online when you update your benefits elections. If you do not include your registered domestic partner as your primary beneficiary, you must complete the Beneficiary form and have your registered domestic partner sign the form to acknowledge that they know they are not the primary beneficiary.

Name and Address Changes

If you change your address, be sure to update it in Employee Self Service.

If you change your name, first contact the Social Security Administration. Then, be sure the name on your payroll record matches the name registered with the Social Security Administration. Contact your departmental HR/Payroll staff to update your name.



Instructions for Adding a Life Event in PeopleSoft eBenefits

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