The County of San Diego offers you vision coverage through Vision Service Plan (VSP). The plan features include:

  • Eye Doctors: You can choose any vision  provider you want. However,  you pay more  when  you use a vision provider who does not participate in the VSP network. Eye doctors  who participate in  the VSP network  are called in-network providers; those who don’t participate in the network  are considered  out-of-network.
  • Paying for Care: When you receive vision care, the amount you pay depends on what type of eye doctor you use. Your copay for an office visit is $15.  
  • In-network eye doctors: When you receive vision care, you generally  pay a set dollar  amount called a copay. For frames and elective contact lenses, the plan will pay up to an allowance  amount, and you pay the full cost over this allowance.
  • Out-of-network  eye doctors: When you receive vision care, the plan will  pay up to an allowance amount. You pay the full cost of services over this allowance


Per Pay Period Cost




Employee                 Employee                 Employee          

   Only                          Plus 1                    Plus 2 or more