What is a promotional recruitment?

Promotional Recruitments are limited to employees in the County service who received their appointment from an employment list, to individuals on County reinstatement lists, employees on authorized leave of absence, or to individuals on re-employment lists as a result of County lay-off (Civil Service Rule 3.1.4 (b)). 

Employees serving in the Unclassified Service who have never served in any capacity in the Classified Service do not have rights to compete in classified promotional recruitments and/or place their names on a Transfer list. These individuals may only enter the Classified Service by competing in Classified open recruitments.  (DHR Policy 102B (A)(3))

Based on the promotional rules and policies listed above, examples of county job classifications that are not eligible for classified promotional recruitments include the following:

  • Student Worker – High School, Undergraduate, and Graduate
  • Volunteer
  • Temporary Expert Professional (TEP)
  • Intermittent Worker
  • Poll Worker (non-certified appointment)
  • Board Member (unclassified service)
  • Legislative Assistant I and II BOS (initial appointment)
  • Chief of Staff, BOS (initial appointment)
  • Initial appointment to a position in the Unclassified Service (e.g. CAO Staff Officer, Management Fellow, Chief, Departmental Operations, Group Program Manager, and executive classes)