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Immigration Consequences -- Web Resources 

Defending Immigrants Partnership
Immigrant Defense Project (based in New York)
Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC)
National Immigration Project (NIP)
     Deportation 101 Manual from NIP
California Criminal Law Immigration Consequences Chart by Katherine Brady
California Criminal Law Immigration Resources Document
Immigration Consequences of Criminal Conviction - Office of Immigration Litigation (Sep 2010)
Tooby's Guide to Criminal Immigration Law (Apr 2008)
Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) -- Online Detainee Locator System




Criminal Defense Organizations

ABA - Criminal Justice Section
Association of Federal Defense Attorneys (AFDA)
California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ)
California Public Defender Association (CPDA)
California State Bar - Criminal Law Section
Colorado Criminal Defense Bar
CDBA-CDLC [San Diego Criminal Defense]
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL)

National Association of Federal Defenders
National Legal Aid & Defender Association (NLADA)
New York Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NYSACDL)

Federal Criminal Statutes

United States Code (Entire)
 Bail and Detention Provisions
Computer Fraud
Criminal Justice Act
Criminal Street Gangs
Drug Laws
Extradition Provisions
Firarms Offenses
Habeas Corpus
General Alien Offense Penalties
Alien Terrorist Removal Procedures
Mail Fraud
Racketeering/Money Laundering
Obstruction of Justice
RICO (Racketeering Act)
Speedy Trial Provisions
Telemarketing Fraud
Wiretap Provisions

Federal Rules

Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
Federal Rules of Evidence
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Other Federal Legislation

Code of Federal Regulations
Executive Orders

Supreme Court Research Sites

United States Supreme Court Website
United States Supreme Court Opinions - 2001
Cornell's Collection of Supreme Court Decisions
Supreme Court Decisions since 1893 - (FindLaw)
Supreme Court News & Opinions Via E-mail - (Willamette Law)
Supreme Court Rules

United States Attorneys' Manual and Justice Department Documents

United States Attorneys' Manual
U.S. Department of Justice - Home Page
U.S. Department of Justice - A to Z Index
U.S. DOJ Guidelines for Use of Confidential Informants
U.S. DOJ Guidelines for General Crimes and Racketeering and Terrorism Investigations
Federal Manual for Searching and Seizing Computers
Federal Guidelines for Prosecution of Violations of Intellectual Property Rights

Law Journals & Publications

On-Line Law Journals

Law School and On-Line Libraries

Cornell University - Legal Information Institute
Washburn U. - Allstates Allfeds
Georgia State MetaIndex
Jurist - The Law Professor's Network
Library of Congress

Federal Sentencing Sites

November, 2001 Sentencing Guideline Amendments
December, 2000 Sentencing Guideline Amendments
United States Sentencing Guidelines Manual (Nov. 2000 Edition)
United States Sentencing Commission
U.S. Sentencing Commission Federal Register Notices

Federal Judicial Sites

U.S. Courts Website
Pacer - U.S. Courts Bulletin Board Service
Federal Judicial Center Recent Publications
The Third Branch: Federal Judicial Newsletter
Federal Court Directory by Circuit

Congressional Sites

Thomas- Federal Legislation Server

Founding Documents

United States Constitution
Ancient, Medieval, & Renaissance Documents

Treaties and International Documents

United Nations Treaty Collection
Constitutions of the World

Legal Ethics

American Legal Ethics Library by State
ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct
ABA Model Defense Function Standards
ABA Model Prosecution Function Standards

Legal Research and Writing

Legal Citation Guide
ABA Criminal Justice Standards
RealLegal Electronic Brief Filing

Criminal Justice Statistics

Bureau of Justice Statistics
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
United States Sentencing Statistics by Year and State
Bureau of Justice Statistics on Defense Counsel

Legal Research Megasites

Jeff Flax' Legal Resource List
Internet Law Library (Law Guru)
Michigan's State Appellate Defender Office
FindLaw Criminal Law Index

Commercial Legal Research Sites

Lexis. Com
LexisOne. Com - Free Case Law/Small Practitioner Site
Lexis Daily Opinion Service (free)

Legal Search Engines

Martindale Hubbell Lawyer Locator

State Research Links

Library of Congress State Law Directory
National State Court Directory
State and Local Government Websites
Courts.Net Directory of Courts Nationwide
Municipal Codes Nationwide
State Constitutions
Directory of State Parole Boards
CrimeLynx - Colorado
CrimeLynx - Florida
CrimeLynx - Georgia
CrimeLynx - Maine
CrimeLynx - Maryland
CrimeLynx - Washington State

Death Penalty Resources

Federal Death Penalty Resource Counsel
Federal Death Penalty Eligible Offenses by Topic
Federal Death Penalty Eligible Offenses by Statute
Resources Guide for Defending a Capital Case

Federal Habeas Corpus

Introduction to the 8th Amendment in Capital Cases
Constitutional Issues: Cases on Point
Federal Habeas Corpus Review

Computer Crime Resources

Department of Justice Cybercrimes Site
University of Dayton Cybercrimes Site