Multi-jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan



The Multi-hazard Mitigation Plan is a countywide plan that identifies risks and ways to minimize damage by natural and manmade disasters. The plan is a comprehensive resource document that serves many purposes such as enhancing public awareness, creating a decision tool for management, promoting compliance with State and Federal program requirements, enhancing local policies for hazard mitigation capability, and providing inter-jurisdictional coordination.

The federal Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 requires all local governments to create such a disaster plan in order to qualify for hazard mitigation funding.

San Diego County was one of the first in the State to tackle this planning effort on a region wide basis, and the County's 2004 plan has received national recognition in the form of an achievement award from the National Association of Counties organization.  This plan was last revised in 2010.   The plan is currently being reviewed and revised to reflect changes to both the hazards threatening San Diego as well as the programs in place to minimize or eliminate those hazards.  This revision will include an evaluation of the impact climate change is having on the natural hazards facing San Diego.

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2014 Revision and Public Input:

A vital part of the revision process is receiving public input regarding the threats facing our region and potential actions to reduce the impact of those hazards.

Please take the time to complete our on-line survey.  Your input is very important to us.  It will help guide the revision process by identifying your concerns and potential solutions, allowing us to incorporate them into the planning process and the plan itself.

The current Hazard Mitigation Plan is available below.  Please feel free to review that plan and provide us with your comments.  Your comments will be reviewed by the Hazard Mitigation Plan Working Group and incorporated into the final plan as appropriate. Please send your comments to:

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2010 Hazard Mitigation Plan Documents

 • 2010 Hazard Mitigation Plan (Adobe PDF)

2010 Hazard Mitigation Plan Final Draft Maps (Adobe PDF)

 • Critical Facilities
 • Dam Failure
 • Earthquake
 • Fire Threat
 • Flammable Hazard
 • Flood
 • Liquefaction
 • Population Growth
 • Rain Induced Landslide
 • Toxic Radiologic Hazard
 • Coastal Storm/Erosion/Tsunami Map 1
 • Coastal Storm/Erosion/Tsunami Map 2
 • Coastal Storm/Erosion/Tsunami Map 3
 • Coastal Storm/Erosion/Tsunami Map 4


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