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A standardized Continuity of Operations (COOP) template has been developed which documents the process needed to restore vital government services after a disaster.

Continuity of Operations Planning is part of the fundamental mission of local governments as responsible and reliable public institutions. The changing threat environment and recent events both here and abroad have shifted awareness to the need for COOP capabilities that enable local governments to continue their essential functions across a broad spectrum of emergencies.

With the possibility of a limited number of staff and/or damaged infrastructure, COOP Plans would effectively streamline the decision-making protocol regarding the identification of essential functions, continuity of government, and the pre-identification of alternate locations.


Master Template - City/County COOP Plan
Master Template - Sample COOP Plan


Workbook 1 - Essential Functions, Alternate Locations

Alternate Location Guidance
Essential Function Ideas

Workbook 2 - Continuity of Government, Vital Records and Systems, and Inter-operable Communications

Workbook 3 - Contingency Staff, Pandemic, and Activation/ Notification Procedures

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COOP Training Workshop


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