Office of the Public Defender

Public Defender Paul Rodriguez



Mission Statement: to protect the rights, liberties, and dignity of all persons in San Diego County and maintain the integrity and fairness of the American Justice System by providing the finest legal representation in the cases entrusted to us.


    The County’s public defense system is managed by the Department of the Public Defender, which is composed of four independent and ethically walled law offices: Primary Public DefenderAlternate Public Defender, Multiple Conflicts Office, and Office of Assigned Counsel.

The Alternate Public Defender handles felony cases in which the Primary Public Defender has a conflict of interest.

The Multiple Conflicts Office accepts only the most serious felony cases that present a conflict of interest for both the Primary Public Defender and the Alternate Public Defender.

The Office of Assigned Counsel arranges for legal representation through private panel attorneys for those who cannot be represented by the Primary Public Defender, Alternate Public Defender, or Multiple Conflicts Office.

We provide quality legal assistance to individuals charged with a crime in state court who are financially unable to retain private counsel. Mental health and juvenile court matters are handled by special units within the office. Our office proudly reflects the diversity and high level of commitment necessary for our mission.


Office Of The Public Defender

Primary Public Defender
451 A Street, STE 900
San Diego, CA 92101


Alternate Public Defender
451 A Street, STE 1200
San Diego, CA 92101


Multiple Conflicts Office
451 A Street, STE 1410
San Diego, CA 92101


Office of Assigned Counsel
451 A Street, STE 1450
San Diego, CA 92101