Alternatives to Incarceration Project

On October 19, 2021, the Board of Supervisors directed the Public Safety Group, in consultation with public safety partners and stakeholders, to conduct a review of jail and law enforcement data, research best practices for diverting individuals from custody who can be served in community-based settings rather than jails, and conduct a gap analysis to identify current gaps in treatments, facilities, and programs that could better serve our community as an alternative to incarceration.

For more information on this Board action: October 19, 2021: Data-Driven Approach to Protecting Public Safety Board Action

The County of San Diego has contracted with an Independent Consultant, SANDAG, to conduct research and convene stakeholder working groups and open community forums to support this analysis.

Project Timeline

  • 2022 through early 2023 when a Final Comprehensive Report is provided to the Board of Supervisors

SANDAG project overview: Reports and Community Engagement and Input Sessions