Other Reports



Flood Control Advisory Committee

Oct 1962

Flood ControlDisctrictAct, Hedger Report

Apr 1966

Long-Range Hydrology Program
Study and investigations made to determine the direction to take in establishing a long range hydrology program, with specific suggestions for the next five-year period

May 1969

Storms in San Diego County
A discussion of the heaviest storms in the County through 1972

Nov 1972

Precipitation Frequency Study

Nov 1973

Short-Duration Precipitation Study
Discusses the rain amount/duration/frequency relationship in the San Diego County area

Jul 1978

Storm and Flood Events in San Diego County
The storms of February 1980

Oct 1980

Flood Plain Changes During Major Floods
A discussion of the widespread changes that can occur in flood plains due to heavy flooding


Short Duration Precipitation Study
Updates thejuly1978 report by the same title


Rain/StreamflowHIstoryin Eastern San DiegoCnty
A discussion of desert flooding episodes and acompaisonwith the determinations of FEMA

Jul 1985

ALERT in San Diego-Quantum Leap in Storm Warning Data Collection Systems

Mar 1986

High-Intensity Storms in San Diego County
An analysis of recorded rain data for high-intensity short-duration rainfall in County

Apr 1988

ALERT Data Quality and Display
An in-house report that describes procedures used to assure data completeness, accuracy, and reliability on the ALERT flood warning system

May 1991

Hydrology Manual
Provides a uniform procedure for establishing flood flows and provides supplemental information to the Design and Procedure Manual Updated periodically.

Apr 1993

Design and Procedure Manual
Defines the scope of Flood Control District, lists design standards and specifications, establishes basic criteria for hydrologic design, defines standard flood hazard terms, updated periodically

Apr 1993