Search for Your Vehicle

Electric vehicle search tool

Ready to find an EV that meets your needs and budget?

PlugStar offers an interactive, online shopping tool to make searching for your EV easy. You can find helpful information on EV makes and models, incentives, and available chargers in San Diego county.

The tool lets you search by budget, vehicle type, number of seats, minimum range, and more to help you find an EV that fits your needs.

You can also search for PlugStar Trained and Certified EV dealers to assist with your specific EV needs.

Important things to consider as you begin your vehicle search:

  • What type zero-emission vehicle is right for you? Understand the differences between all-electric, plug-in hybrid, and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.
  • What size of vehicle do you need? Search by number of seats. Electric pickup trucks and passenger vans are expected to be available starting later in 2021.
  • What vehicle range do you need? Estimate your daily driving habits and far you typically travel to help decide which EV range options would support your travel needs.
  • What tax credits and incentives are available to you? See current incentives that can help you save money.
  • What works best for your budget, leasing or buying? Research how financing and leasing can impact your payment schedule based on the car you select.
  • Where will you charge your EV? Research available charging technologies, locations of chargers available for public use, and how to install a charger at your home.


Please note the cost information provided on the PlugStar website are personalized estimates and often include tax rebates and other incentives. Please apply your specific financial considerations when reviewing the website.