Electric Vehicle Consumer Guide

Welcome to the County of San Diego Electric Vehicle Consumer Guide website!

The Electric Vehicle Consumer Guide provides resources to help answer your questions about owning a battery electric vehicle (EV) and can help find an EV that fits your needs.

You will find consumer-friendly information on the benefits and cost savings of owning an EV, available purchase incentives, charging options, and a vehicle search and comparison tool to find EV models that fit your lifestyle.

Whether you are here to learn why driving an EV is good for the environment, discover how to work with your condo or apartment management to install EV chargers, or search for an EV to purchase or lease, we look forward to helping you on your EV journey.

Moving the region to zero emissions

Zero emissions vehicles (ZEV) are vehicles that run on fuels other than gasoline and include a variety of low- to no-emission technologies including battery electric vehicles (EV), plug-in hybrid EVs (PHEV), and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Increasing the number of ZEVs on the road will reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and other smog-causing pollutants, leading to cleaner air and improved public health. Efforts to transition to cleaner vehicles that emit zero GHG emissions are an important strategy for the County to achieve GHG reduction goals and greater sustainability for the region.

The County is committed to doing its part to increase the number of ZEVs on the road and improve access to charging infrastructure in order to provide clean mobility options for all residents.

The EV Consumer Guide website received a 2022 Achievement Award in the category of County Resiliency from the National Association of Counties.