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COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019)

The purpose of this website is to clarify information to help build a healthy information environment.


Clarifying misinformation with a focus on information related to health and medical issues.

Vaccination sites | Vaccines are free and safe

Testing Swab

Data and dashboards
Triggers to modify health order

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Community Sectors

Info for specific groups


Health Professionals


Get Help | Obtenga Ayuda

Rent and utility assistancesmall business assistance grants and more resources for individuals and businesses affected by COVID-19.  


Treatment for COVID-19

Monoclonal antibody therapy for mild to moderate cases.

Educational Materials

FAQs, fact sheets, posters and other educational resources.

School, Employer Notification

Notify County of person with COVID-19 or outbreak at your site



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For general questions about COVID-19, info about resources, or if you're uninsured, call 2-1-1.


Text COSD COVID19 to 468-311 to get text alert updates.