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CureTB is a referral and continuity of care program for tuberculosis patients and their contacts who travel between the United States, Mexico and Central America.  Services are  available for patients, their families and providers from any state, city or community in these areas.  CureTB is part of the San Diego County Public Health Services TB Control Branch.  Over 1000 referred patients were served between 2010 and 2012.

CureTB facilitates and supports continuity of care for individuals with active tuberculosis and their contacts by facilitating the exchange of information between health systems and providing education to patients about their illness and how to access follow-up care.  We provide linkages to ongoing care and follow-up for all referred patients.

CureTB accepts referrals from health departments, correctional facilities, and other entities that diagnose or treat patients with tuberculosis.

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Tips for a Successful Referral

  1. Refer early.  Don’t wait until your patient leaves to call CureTB. It is ideal if one of our staff can speak to your patients before they leave.
  2. Provide complete laboratory, clinical and treatment information so we can assure the receiving provider is well informed.  We will follow-up with your program if important clinical information is pending at the time of referral (eg drug susceptibility testing results)
  3. Ask your patient for at least two people who will always know where they are and get their best contact information (phone, address, e-mail, etc.)  We will also review this with your patients.
  4. The binational card should be given to the patient before departure whenever possible. It has our 1-800 number so patients or downstream providers can reach us at no cost.

Binational Card

The Binational Card is a tool to help mobile patients and their families connect with CureTB when they arrive at their next destination. They can also give the card to their provider to connect with CureTB to obtain the latest clinical information. The card is easy to carry and has the CureTB 1-800 number, reachable from inside or outside the US.

To request binational cards, please contact us at (619) 542-4013 or send us an e-mail at


 Types of Referrals


To Submit a CureTB Referral

You can submit a CureTB referral in three ways.  Use our referral form. and attach hard copies of relevant clinical information whenever possible.  

  1. Fax: (619) 692-8020
  2. E-mail:
  3. Call: (619) 542-4013

Total CureTB Referrals Received 2012 - 2015

States Sending/Receiving TB Referrals 2010 - 2015