TB Elimination Initiative

What is the TB Elimination Initiative?

The San Diego County Tuberculosis Elimination Initiative (TBEI) is a public-private partnership launched in January 2020 to build a coordinated Tuberculosis (TB) elimination framework for the County. The initiative focuses on effective TB prevention, including risk assessment, testing, and treatment of latent TB infection (LTBI) cases to prevent progression to active TB. Over 25 unique entities are currently engaged in this initiative.


TBEI Focus: Finding and Treating LTBI Cases

An estimated 85% of active tuberculosis (TB) cases are due to progression of Latent TB Infection (LTBI) to active TB. Approximately 175,000 San Diego County residents have LTBI, which can progress to active TB disease without treatment. Only 25% of residents with LTBI are aware of their infection and only 15% have been treated.


TBEI Recommendations and Implementation Plan

Beginning in January 2020, a network of public-private TBEI stakeholders collaborated across seven committees to identify key recommendations and activities to address local needs and barriers to TB elimination in San Diego County. The following reports were received by the Board of Supervisors in 2021. They provide a summary of the TBEI methodology, findings, recommendations and Implementation Plan that support TB prevention and elimination in San Diego County.

TBEI Recommendations Report

TBEI Implementation Plan


TBEI Recommendations:

  1. Improve LTBI care cascade outcomes
  2. Promote awareness of LTBI as a major public health concern which is preventable and curable
  3. Develop a LTBI surveillance system to describe the burden of LTBI and monitor improvement of the LTBI cascade of care
  4. Implement TB screening in educational systems
  5. Improve access to testing and treatment for LTBI and active TB
  6. Secure sufficient resources for implementing TB Elimination Initiative strategies


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