Office of Revenue and Recovery

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County Operations Center
5530 Overland Ave, Suite 310
San Diego, CA 92123
MailStop: O-60

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am to 5:00pm (pst)
Office Phone: (619) 515-6200
Office Fax: (858) 637-5858

Director: LeShay Shaw


The Office of Revenue and Recovery (ORR) is the designated collection agency for the County of San Diego. As a division of the Auditor and Controller Department, ORR is responsible for the management, collections, and accounting of receivables owed to the County for a variety of programs and services, excluding child support and property taxes. ORR also provides services on delinquent accounts, as well as record retention services.

ORR is a Comprehensive Collections Agency as defined in California Penal Code 1463.007. Its mission is to provide cost effective and efficient accounts receivable management services by maximizing the recovery of debt while minimizing costs.

The Office of Revenue and Recovery provides the following accounts receivable services:

  • Accounts receivable establishment and billing
  • Direct collection contacts
  • Accounting and maintenance of receivables
  • Funds distribution and disbursement
  • Case management
  • Enforcement of delinquent accounts
  • Escrow, lien, and immigration notifications and clearances - Click to find out more Lien Services clearance process
  • Record and document retention
  • Probate and bankruptcy claims
  • Court case document preparation and representation as plaintiff in civil matters or as an accounting witness in criminal hearings
  • Accounts receivable and collection consulting for County agencies and departments 
  • Serve victims of crime by managing victim restitution trust accounts, disbursement of payments, and answering questions - Click to find out more about Victim Restitution


DISCLAIMER: The following information is provided to you as a matter of convenience and speaks as of the end of the last period to which they relate. There may have been changes in the financial condition or affairs of the County of San Diego since then, the County of San Diego has not undertaken to update the financial statements, or such other documents.


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