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Overdose Surveillance Quarterly Report

This report highlights overdose surveillance in San Diego County. The focus is on opioid overdose surveillance, but data on other drug overdoses are included as well. The primary data sources are emergency department chief complaint data and preliminary mortality data. This report is produced by the County of San Diego, Public Health Services, Epidemiology and Immunization Services Branch.


Overdose Quarterly Report

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Opioid-Related Overdoses & Encounters in
San Diego County, 2017-2021

This 5-year retrospective analysis report presents trends in opioid-related fatal overdoses and nonfatal hospitalizations and emergency department encounters in San Diego County. Monitoring trends can provide a greater understanding of the opioid epidemic in San Diego County and help direct prevention and response activities.

The following link will display the previous 5-year retrospective analysis report:


EMS Data Report

Important trends from San Diego County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are displayed in this report.




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