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Privacy and Security Incident Reporting

BAC values the importance of individuals' protected and confidential information. Therefore, it requires HHSA employees and contractors to report all real and suspected privacy & security incidents. The Privacy Incident policy and procedure links below are intended to assist individuals in understanding when, what, and how to report privacy and security incidents. 

▪  Privacy Incident Policy HHSA L-24

▪  Privacy Incident Procedure L-24

To submit a new Privacy Incident Report (PIR), or to update or view a previously submitted PIR, click on the orange button below.

Child Welfare Services (CWS) Policy & Procedure Review

BAC allows clients with current or closed CWS cases to request a review of whether CWS policy, procedure and/or process was appropriately followed in the administration of the case or investigation. By reviewing the CWS Policy Manual, clients can direct BAC to specific policy or procedural concerns for consideration. Click on the links below to view the CWS Policy Manual and relevant subsections.

To submit a CWS Policy & Procedures Review Request form, click on the blue button below to download the form. To view a desk aid for completing and submitting the form, click here.

Other Concerns

To report all other types of concerns, or for questions related to other program policies and procedures, please refer to the Contact Us page.