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Compliance Resources

BAC supports County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) Programs in providing assurances for compliance with applicable federal, State and County regulations, assurances for effective and efficient service delivery, and thorough, objective investigation and resolution of potential compliance concerns.

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Contractor Resources

BAC works closely with HHSA contractors to ensure they understand and adhere to all relevant laws, rules, regulations, and requirements.

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Employee Resources

BAC keeps HHSA staff apprised of the latest changes to compliance, privacy, and information security rules and best practices. One way BAC does this is by sending reminders to staff about common concerns and questions.

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Information Security Resources

Information Security procedures and resources strive to ensure integrity of HHSA data, compliance with regulatory requirements and information security responsibility, and continual review of processes to improve efficiencies.

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Privacy Resources

BAC understands the value of our clients’ protected information and is committed to safeguarding it. BAC helps other HHSA programs keep clients’ protected information safe and ensure it is only shared within the scope allowed by law. There are a variety of federal and State laws that further prescribe the safety and confidentiality of clients’ protected information, such as HIPAA.

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