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Information Security Resources

Information Security Policies and Procedures

In the interest of transparency, BAC makes all current information security policies, procedures and forms available to the public.

Email Use

▪  Policy HHSA N-01

▪  Procedure N-01

Internet Use

▪  Policy HHSA N-02

▪  Procedure N-02


▪  Policy HHSA N-03

▪  Procedure N-03

LAN Accounts - Management and Use

▪  Policy HHSA N-04

▪  Procedure N-04

Physical Access Controls

▪  Policy HHSA N-06

▪  Procedure N-06

Disabling Accounts Quickly

▪  Policy HHSA N-09

▪  Procedure N-09

Generic Accounts

▪  Policy HHSA N-12

▪  Procedure N-12

Security Definitions

▪  Policy HHSA N-13

Portable Devices and Media

▪  Policy HHSA N-14

▪  Procedure N-14

CSRF Authorizers

▪  Policy HHSA N-15

▪  Procedure N-15

External Information Security Links

The following links are provided as suggested resources and recognized best practices for information security and data integrity plan development. 

▪  National Institute of Standards and Technology - Cybersecurity

▪  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - HIPAA Security Rule