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Direct Deposit

Please click on your language for more information on the benefits of Direct Deposit (English, Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese). For more information on Direct Deposit send us an email or phone 866-262-9881.

Direct Deposit is an easy, safe, secure way to receive your welfare money. The County will automatically deposit your grant into your bank account each month. It's that easy.

Why is Direct Deposit used?

  • It's safer than paper checks,
  • It's more reliable than mailing paper checks,
  • It's more secure than paper checks, and
  • It's less expensive than paper checks for the taxpayer and the payment recipient.

Who is eligible for Direct Deposit?

Individuals with bank accounts who are not homeless and who receive payments from the County of the following type:

  • CalWORKs,
  • General Relief (GR),
  • Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants (CAPI),
  • Foster Care, and
  • Refugee Cash Assistance.

How do I sign-up for Direct Deposit?

Contact the Access Call Center

I do not have a bank account. What can I do?

You are allowed to have bank accounts. You can check out banks in your area and decide which offers services that are right for you.

I can't get a bank account because I have bad credit, or I don't have two forms of identification, or I don't have a Social Security number. Is there anything that can help me to get a bank account?

Check with the Access Call Center and/or your Employment Case Manager for more information.


 EBT - Electronic Benefit Transfer

For more information on EBT send us an email.

CalFresh and cash aid benefits come on a plastic card that you can use just like a bank card. It is called Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT).

Signs on store doors, check-out lanes, automated teller machines (ATM) and point of sale (POS) machines tell you that your EBT card can be used at that store or machine. There are special pictures on the sign that tell you what benefits you can use. Look for the sign and these pictures at the store before you shop.

EBT - Client Information