Welcome to the County of San Diego!

Welcome to the team!  You will be provided with a benefits overview during New Employee Orientation (NEO). Your departmental personnel will automatically assign you a NEO date and will additional details regarding location, start and end time, etc.

If you’d like to get a head start before NEO or would like more detailed information about your benefits, information can be found on the Benefits Website and Benefits Guide.

Here are some things you should know: 

Benefit Effective Date/Deadlines 

Your enrollment and any required documentation must be submitted within 30 calendar days of your hire date.  

  • Everyone must complete their new hire enrollment.   
  • The earliest your County benefits will be active is the first of the month after your hire date. 
  • A detailed email will be sent to your work and/or personal email from DHRBenefits.FGG@sdcounty.ca.gov when you attend NEO and will include:
    • Personalized information regarding your health plans.  
    • Specific instructions on deadlines and timelines.   
  • If benefit elections are not submitted during your new hire period, you will be automatically defaulted into the lowest cost medical plan.  

Eligible Dependents/Supporting Documentation 

Supporting documentation is required when adding dependents to medical, dental, vision, and/or critical illness.


Required Documentation
(copy of document only; keep the original)


  • Legal marriage certificate

 Domestic Partner

 Child(ren) under the age of 26

  • Legal birth certificate
  • Adoption documents
  • Court order for guardianship
  • Court order requiring coverage for the child

Parents are not eligible dependents.

You can email supporting documentation directly to DHRBenefits.FGG@sdcounty.ca.gov (please include your name and employee ID) and/or upload documents via PeopleSoft Self Service.

Enrolling in Benefits 

Once you have access to the County intranet, enrollment will be completed electronically via PeopleSoft Self Service. 

Using Your Benefits 

Once your elections are reviewed and approved by Employee Benefits, you will receive a confirmation email. Follow the instructions on the email to verify the accuracy of your elections.   

  • Once the carriers process your enrollment, based on your elections, you’ll receive medical and dental ID cards in the mail.  
  • The vision plan does not send a physical card in the mail.   
  • If you need carrier information (phone number, group number, website, etc.) please refer to our carrier contact sheet.

Reminder: It takes, on average, about two weeks, following the receipt of your confirmation email, before the carriers process your enrollment and you appear in their systems.

Additional Resources 


Please visit the Employee Benefits public website. You can also contact the Benefits Division by phone at 888-550-2203 ext. 2 for new hires or email at DHRBenefits.FGG@sdcounty.ca.gov