County of San Diego Independent Redistricting Commission District Scenario Modeler & District Map Viewer

About the District Scenario Modeler

In conformation with California Elections Code Section 21550-21553 and other applicable law, the IRC must encourage public participation through ready access by the public to redistricting data and computer software equivalent to what is available to the commission AND receipt of maps or testimony from the public in writing or electronically. 

As such, the IRC's contracted Demographer has developed a District Scenario Modeler (DSM) which allows the public to draw and submit draft maps for consideration by the IRC. The DSM is an interactive web-based tool designed to provide the public access to mapping technology that can be used to draw district boundaries.

As of December 2, 2021, submission of maps using the DSM is closed.

Help on using the District Scenario Modeler

Instruction and user guide on using the DSM are available via the DSM page linked below. Material from the DSM training session provided to the IRC by the contracted Demographer during the Sep23 IRC Meeting can be find here.

If you have issues with using the DSM, please fill out the Technical Help Request Form and a member of the FLO-Analytics DSM team will get back to you within 48 hours.

Help on using the District Map Viewer

The District Map Viewer is an interactive tool for the public to view the current District Maps, with the option to apply different overlays with various IRC draft maps, geographic components, population, race, ethnicity, voting-related layers, and more. Of note, the District Map Viewer is only a viewing tool .

To use, please view both the instructions and video tutorial for the District Map Viewer.

To provide input and draw draft maps, please use the District Scenario Modeler. 

Draft Map SHP Shapefiles

The shapefiles for the draft maps can be downloaded here.


The DSM is just one of many ways to be involved in the redistricting process. Whether you provide input through testimony at a public hearing, submit an e-comment to the website, draw your community with the Community Builder tool, or submit a complete district map, your voice will be heard and your input will be considered.

The DSM also has the ability to accept data generated by other mapping tools. If you have such a datafile, you can still use the DSM to upload this data to the IRC.

If you do not wish to use this or any other map drawing tool to provide your input, you can also draw district boundaries using the following maps and then submit them to the IRC by email at