Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC)

Training Continuum

On March 25, 2021, the IRC approved the implementation of the Training Continuum. Members of the public are welcome to use this database of resources to review the training received by the IRC. 

Mission Statement: Develop a tailored, flexible and focused IRC Training Continuum and resource repository (database) to enable the Commission to execute its mission, roles and responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

Please note the following: 

  • Items with double asterisks (**) are available to the public at cost. 
    • The Commission will not be responsible for any fees accrued.
  • Under 'Self Study/Independent Training', you can click 'Expand All' to see all the training topics under that category. 
    • Trainings are hyperlinked to Power Point Presentations (PPT) and/or training videos. 
    • Time stamps for select training videos received by the Citizens Redistricting Commission are provided for your reference. 
Directed Training (delivered to all Commissioners)

Self-Study/Independent Training

Directed Training (delivered to all Commissioners) - approx. one per month

Self-Study/Independent Training

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Directed Training (delivered to all Commissioners) (suggest during outreach meetings) 

Self Study/Independent Training

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Adopt Redistricting Map (Statutory): December 15, 2021

Self-Study/Independent Training (TBD)